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mardi 19 août 2014

Art Outsider: entretien avec Bob Hoke aka HokeOutsider (anglais)


John Wisniewski nous propose de découvrir Bob HOKE, artiste Outsider, en partageant pour les lecteurs de l'Outsider Art Magazine l'interview réalisée initialement pour [SIC] Magazine (en anglais). Bonne lecture !

1/ What inspires you to paint or draw?  
My painting is my life!  I feel compelled to paint almost daily. I paint 30 to 40 paintings a month! I am almost afraid not to paint.  There are people who suggest that I paint this way or that I paint that way…but that isn’t an option!  When I paint it is a sort of a blur…a stream of consciousness almost.  There really is no beginning or end…just doing.  When I “finish” a painting there is the next painting to do…while I am painting there is the next painting to do…more raw materials, more paint, more time!

We usually start painting in the evening from 8pm till around 2am…once in a while we go till the sun comes up.  My wife T-Marie Nolan, a painter also, and I share a very large studio on the second floor of the old church (1925) we live in in Hannibal Missouri on the banks of the Mississippi river.

All of our painting sessions involve loud music!  We listen to online radio stations from New York City, EVR.com, New Jersey, WFMU.org, and New Orleans WWOZ.org.  The music and working together is a major source of inspiration for me.  As the night goes on the music gets louder and the painting gets more frantic…on a good night.  Music is a major inspiration for my paintings…I use a lot of music references in the titles for my paintings also.
Another major source of inspiration is the raw surfaces that I use for my paintings.  A large portion of our surfaces is scrounged from dumpsters and construction sites…masonite peg board, bead board, wood paneling , tar paper, flashing metal…and whatever we can find!

And finally, there are many many colorful characters in this historical river town walking the streets…tousled hair, second hand clothes that don’t fit, twisted interesting faces hanging in the various dive bars…lots of good stuff there…and surprise, I’m one of them!

2/ What is your opinion of the Outsider art? Do you consider yourself an “Outsider artist”?
I’m not sure what the Outsider art is!  There’s the catch all (which I kind of like) “Neo-Outsider artist!  Then, recently I saw the Watchamacallit movement and vernacular and self-taught and singular and naïve and art brut and graffiti and street artist and lowbrow and punk and on and on and on.

Yes, I consider myself an Outsider Artist (at least a neo-outsider artist) I have had some art schooling (never did good and never liked it) and I know some art history. I don’t live in a cave or down a dirt road like a feral beast, but I look around and it’s quite obvious that I am not an “insider artist”.  Every once in a while I show my paintings in a small gallery or the local Hannibal Arts Council but I almost never sell anything and it’s pretty much a waste of time except for hanging out.  So, I aint inside that scene…what scene am I in? 

That is where my collectors are! They are loyal and they enjoy my work!  I have been showing my paintings on Ebay for around ten years…about 3500 to 4000 paintings. I really can’t imagine any alternatives.
Stuck outside and I’m digging it!

3/ Whom are some of your favorite artists?
I don’t look real hard at other artists too much.  I got people I follow on Facebook and Tumblr but a lot of times I don’t even know their names.  Sometimes I see an artist that is fantastic and I try to feel their mood, but it always ends in disaster.  Gotta stick with my own thing.

4/ When do you feel most inspired?
Think I answered that in the second half of the first question.

5/What are the spectators reaction to your artwork?
There was a review in the Cincinnati Enquire by Karen Chambers that said, “I think his faces have broken out of the prison of his mind.”
I like that reaction a lot!  Few people visit us at our studio and the ones who do are usually drinking buddies wanting to hang out. Generally people seem to truly love my paintings or they kind of glaze over in a sort of hypnotic stare.
The reaction is almost always super enthusiastic on Ebay.  Sometimes though I will get feed-back on Ebay that sez “very good packing”…that’s always a hoot…actually I’m quite proud of my packing.

Pour découvrir le travail de Bob:

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